NTYC: Item Donations

 Thank You for all DonationsWish List  

For Shelter / All Kids’ Use:

  • Nintendo Wii controllers, memory cards, and games (no mature) - especially physically interactive games
  • Board games - all ages, bean bag toss game
  • Books, videos/DVDs, CDs, Playstation 2 games (PG-13 or below); PS2 memory cards
  • Gift cards – WalMart, Old Navy, Best Buy, Hastings, Target, etc.
  • Long distance phone calling cards – small minutes each for youth to call families
  • Craft kits & scrapbook items
  • Gift certificates to activities - skating, movies, etc.
  • Gift certificates to restaurants, - McDonald’s, etc.
  • Magazine subscriptions sent to office – sports, cars, teen girls, metal edge, Seventeen, etc.  

General Gift Ideas for Teens:

  • Watches – boy and girl ·         Jewelry – boy and girl ·         Selection of music CDs (no mature)
  • Nintendo Game Boys or other personal game system and games
  • Perfume & cologne – boy & girl
  • Digital cameras
  •  Almost all asking for iPod – even the $49 shuffle; or similar MP3 player; requesting with video
  • blank recordable CDs
  • Almost all asking for laptop computers! (which is appropriate for TLP clients in college)
  •  Hair, makeup, personal hygiene products (boy & girl), including specifically for African Americans, bath products & froufrou stuff, lip gloss & chapstick
  • House shoes / slippers – NEW only
  • Sweat shirts/pants, winter coats, hats, gloves, etc.
  •  flannel pajama bottoms - NEW only
  • Hoodies, boy & girl, various sizes
  • Journals, small scrapbooks
  • Art supplies - colored pencils, water soluble art pens, brush pens, pastel pencils, sketch pads, colorless blender, compressed charcoal in pencil form (colored), pencils - 1HB, 12B, 14B; other "real" art supplies

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